Hey Kids, Comics! #235 - Independents Day

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Independent.  A word that invokes a great many definitions, even when applied to comic books.  What qualifies a comic book, or more specifically a publisher of said comic, as an “independent”?

This is a question that Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston seek to answer as they explore the various booms and busts of independent comic book publishing.  Hundreds of publishers have come and gone in the last 30 years alone, and with them thousands of titles.  Some remain household names, some are all but forgotten.  From the enduring classics to the “Quarter Bin” fodder, many are the Indy comics that have been a part of the publishing landscape for decades.

Special guest Weldon Adams joins your hosts on this journey into this important – if often struggling – facet of comics.  Lending his unique expertise and long history in the field, Weldon again enhances the scope of the discussion at hand.  Join in on this fascinating look at third tier publishers and all those that carved out a niche in publishing.  And those that were just a flash in the pan or failed miserably in their bid to attract readers.  Declare you “Independents” with this amazing new issue of the JCU’s longest running podcast.