Hey Kids, Comics! #232 - Period Pieces: When in Greco-Rome

A funny thing happened on the way to the Hey Kids, Comics!  Okay, not so much a funny thing as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston open up a personal "forum" on Ancient Greece and Rome in comics.  This issue continues the time-hopping journey through Antiquity with a look at the influence of the Classics on comic book heroes and storylines.

It would not be a look at this fascinating period of world history without the addition of scholarly guest Kelly Long who joins in to add her wealth of knowledge.  This "Roman holiday" issue of the show brings "Period Pieces" to its middle point and draws illustrates how popular the gods and goddesses of Olympus are to comic book creators.

From Frank Miller's well-known swords and sandals epic to the European import "Asterix the Gaul" there's a whole lot a' Roman goin' on!

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The Rantcor Pit #65 - The New Black

Since 1978 toys have been a huge part of the Star Wars experience for fans and collectors.  From the beginnings at the once obscure Kenner Products to the seemingly endless waves of action figures, accessories, and toys coming from Hasbro, there is no shortage of toys based on the Saga.  This episode sees Cole Houston and Eddie Medina turning their attention specifically to the Black Series line of 6" action figures.

Beginning in 2013, the Black Series has continued to bring forth dozens of new figures, including an ever-increasing number of store and convention exclusives, which are increasingly sought after by collectors.  The larger scale lends greater detail and articulation as well as tremendous adult collector appeal.

Discover the world of Black Series Star Wars figures as Cole and Eddie talk about their own collecting experiences as well as the history of the line.

As promised, click here to see the Entertainment Earth coverage of the creation of the Black Series Greedo figure!

Hey Kids, Comics! #231 - Period Pieces: Drawn Like an Egyptian

Moving forward in their journey back in time, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston explore one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, that of the Egypt of Antiquity. 

Journey down the Nile in the age of the Pharaohs and the building of the pyramids as your hosts seek out this period of world history as depicted in comics.  Concentrating primarily on the past, this issue of the show does cast an eye to the present as well to explore the influence of the Ancients on modern comic characters. 

From the mystical origins of Hawkman and Black Adam to they mystical origins of the Living Mummy and beyond, there is an allure to Egypt that is as much a part of comics as any examined in this arc.  Expect plenty of mystic origins, gods and goddesses, and even a little of d'Nile!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #230 - Period Pieces: The Time Before Time

Go back in time with Hey Kids, Comics! and the latest story arc!  In this case, hundreds of millions of years back in time!

From Anthro and Turok - Son of Stone to the paleo-art masterpiece "Age of Reptiles", Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston dig deep into prehistory to unearth comics that take place in the age of dinosaurs and of prehistoric man.  Joining them on this paleolithic adventure is none other than Eddie Medina of The Rantcor Pit!


Tor, Anthro, Moon Boy, and other ancestral men are the heroes of tales from the distant past in their respective comic book universes.  Sometimes bordering on a fanciful sense of period accuracy, most tend to have man an dinosaur mingle.  The enduring appeal of the animals that walked the Earth when the continents were connected and giants strode the surface of a planet inspire comic readers and the hosts of this very show.


So popular are these denizens of the ancient world that they tend to find themselves in more contemporary, or even future, settings - fodder for a future episode.  For now, it is the Cambrian to the Pleistocene Eras that truly drive the slice of (pre-)history examined in this fascinating hour.

The Rantcor Pit #64 - Decades: Forty Years of Star Wars Episode IV: The Force Will Be With You...Always

The forty year circle is now complete!  Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina have arrived on the final stop of the four-episode cycle exploring Star Wars from May 1977 to May 2017.  

Rich with publications, the final decade (so far) of the Star Wars Saga also brought forth three feature films (including the animated Clone Wars movie) and the return of comics published by Marvel, the original publisher back in the 70s and 80s.  Many more surprises occurred during the ten years where there was never a year without something amazing happening.


So join "Your Favorite Star Wars Guys" as they share memories and thoughts, as well as a few discoveries they made while researching one last decade of a movie that has been a part of their lives for almost their entire lives!

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The Rantcor Pit #63 - Decades: 40 Years of Star Wars Episode III: Into a Larger World

Two decades down, two to go.  One, technically, after this episode of the show which takes you from May 25, 1997 to May 24, 2007 - the rebirth of "the Star Wars"!

As if principle photography through theatrical release of all three Prequel Trilogy chapters was not enough to define the tertiary decade of Star Wars, it brought even more to bear!  Publications galore and the advent of the Star Wars Celebration conventions are just two examples of how the Saga had returned to the public vernacular at light speed and beyond!

Join "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina for a third time as memories mingle with the researched history of Star Wars and its impact during the Prequel era.

Hey Kids, Comics! #229! - Theater of the Mind


Things are about to get surreal here on the JCU!  Amid a boom of super hero television, the small screen's Tanzanite Age, two compellingly different productions have burst onto the scene bringing some of the oddest comic book-sourced material into our homes.  AMC's Preacher and FX's Legion.


The mind-bending psychology of both of these shows compelled Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to talk about both in a single Giant Sized issue of the podcast.  While each is certainly rich enough in content to fill an hour, it seemed best to discuss them as a pair, given their unique status in comic book television programming.


Join your hosts on a journey into the mind and the soul as David Haller and Jesse Custer join forces, if only literally, to blow your mind.  Legion and Preacher offer glimpses into the individual as well as collective psyche in ways that no other show has and all with production design and direction worthy of the Silver Screen.  

Give Hey Kids, Comics! 90 minutes and Andy and Cole will give you one fascinating journey! 

As promised on the show, here are the soundtracks for these amazing programs courtesy of Spotify:



The Rantcor Pit #62 - Decades: Forty Years of Star Wars Episode II: Before the Dark Times

Welcome to the second installment of the four part series in celebration of forty years of Star Wars!

With a playful nod to the upcoming third decade's Prequel Trilogy, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina delve into what promised initially to be the "dead years".  Instead of so much Lars homestead burnout, however, they discover a decade rich in little events that kept Star Wars in the collective consciousness!

Discover the novels, toys, and video games that kept the Saga going during its leanest of years and proved a jumping off point for so much more to come!

Hey Kids, Comics! #228 - Anger Management



Welcome to an issue of HKC! where your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston really hop that you will like them when they're angry!

Actually they hope that you'll like this episode in which they delve into the rage, angst, ire, fury, and rancor that can be found in comic book characters of every stripe. 


From hot-heads and short fuses to loose cannons to the indignant and belligerent, this issue is mad for mad!  When it comes to unbridled anger, the Hulk has not necessarily cornered the market.  Enjoy this exploration of one of the Deadly Sins as it manifests in the pages of popular comic titles.   

Unleash the beasts within!

Hey Kids, Comics #227 - The Woman of Themyscira

Welcome to a "wonderful" new issue of the show, this one minus Andrew FarmerWith HKC!'s founder out for a week, Cole "JediCole" Houston takes up the reigns and calls in a special guest host! 

None other than JCU favorite Kelly Long joins the fun as a discussion of DC's Amazon Princess becomes this week's topic.  Wonder Woman's long and storied history is explored, including her creator's seeming fascination with having the powerful heroine in chains more often than not.

From her early beginnings in comics, a mix of the strong and capable with the defeated and subservient, to the various incarnations including everything from being stripped of her powers to taking up the mantle of a statesman, Wonder Woman has a long and unique history to examine.

Join Cole and Kelly as they trace the classical hero's journey from the paradise of Themyscira to "man's world" in America.  The tale of Wonder Woman is truly epic and compelling.  The stuff of modern mythology.

The Rantcor Pit #61 - Decades: 40 Years of Star Wars Episode 1: A More Civilized Age

The audio podcast of The Rantcor Pit is back in time for the 40th anniversary month of Star Wars!  And what a month it is going to be, as your hosts have big plans for May

Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina proudly present the first of four episodes in May discussing four decades of Star Wars, one decade at a time!  This series launches with the period from late May 1977 to late May 1987.  Effectively delving into the years from the premiere of the movie that would come to be called "A New Hope" straight through to "Return of the Jedi" and beyond. 

Step back in time with a combination of year-by-year research and personal remembrances from Cole and Eddie.  From the moment that Star Wars leapt at light speed from obscure sci-fi film with little studio support to a cultural phenomenon that spans the globe to this day through the year that changed everything for this iconic franchise for years to follow, a lot of history is covered in this nearly 90 minute opening chapter.

Hey Kids, Comics! #226 - Expanding a Universe

Yesterday, at the time of this writing, the "Fourth" was with us in the form of Star Wars Day.  Now, in honor of Revenge of the Fifth, hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have chosen to take a look at the early days of Star Wars comics from Marvel.


From unlikely beginnings in 1977, Star Wars made its mark at "The House of Ideas".  Despite early misgivings on science fiction comics in general and movie tie-ins specifically, what started off as just an adaptation of a summer film became, for the publisher, something of the blockbuster that the movie became for LucasFilm and 20th Century Fox.


No exploration of Star Wars comics would be complete at the JCU without none other than The Rantcor Pit's own Eddie Medina.  Lending his own experiences with this successful title, that enjoyed 107 regular issues, Eddie also brings along the excitement and enthusiasm of a hardcore fan.


If you like "The Star Wars" and the comics, this is the issue of the show you have been waiting for, and in the midst of two big days of Star Wars celebration in the midst of "May the Foruth Be With You" and "Revenge of the Fifth"!

The Force on the Fourth: The Rantcor Pit Road Show Summer Invasion Begins!


There is a brand new annual tradition for the JCU that begins...nowish!

On Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You), The Rantcor Pit Road Show Summer Invasion begins at the City of Burleson Recreation Center's event.  The first stop of seven on a journey around the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

Between May 4 and August 13, "Your Favorite Star Wars Guys" will be bringing their special brand of simple tricks and nonsense to one event, two comic shops, and four conventions!  Each stop on the tour is a little different with everything from emceeing to recordings of future shows, to panel discussions, to the official game show of the Rantcor Pit, The Galactic Games!

Check out the links below to follow Cole Houston and Eddie Medina as they celebrate three years of The Rantcor Pit Live and forty years of Star Wars over one (not Corvette) summer!

May the Fourth Be With You  May 4; Burleson, TX

Famous Monsters Convention  May 26-28; Dallas, TX

DFW G.I. Joe & Action Figure Show  June 10; Grapevine, TX

Geek Out  June 24; 102 S. Main Street, Burleson, TX

A Galaxy Called Dallas  July 8; 1238 Beltline Road #365, Garland, TX

ArlingCon  July 15;  Arlington, TX

Infinicon 2017 August 11-13; Addison, TX

Come to any or all of these events and join the Rantcorps!

Hey Kids, Comics! #225 - Cat Tail

NOTE:  This issue contains adult themes and some minimal language that my not be appropriate for all listeners.  You have been warned!

Welcome to a special issue of Hey Kids, Comics! in which Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston explore a rare gem in the history of modern comics, "Omaha the Cat Dancer"!

Originally published in 1984, what could have been just another hardcore "dirty comic" would prove to be a compelling drama replete with intrigues, love, death, betrayals, and the inherent hypocrisy of people in power. 

Join your hosts as they bring two unique perspectives on this groundbreaking, often controversial title - that of a fan from the beginning and a newcomer to Omaha.  Discover how a talented team can create an adult-oriented book that rises above its origins and becomes perhaps the most approachable and worthwhile examples of its genre.

Hey Kids, Comics! #224 - Recommended Reading IV

Welcome to the latest incarnation of Recommended Reading from Hey Kids, Comics!

Feeling it had been too long since last they delved into personal recommendations for comics you may never have read, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are pleased to, for the fourth time, devote an issue of the show to some more top picks.

In the interest of not revealing too much about the comics discussed, introductions are brief this week.  Suffice it to say that there's more to this edition than just a couple of beetles!

Hey Kids, Comics! #223 - Sole Survivors

"Hey Kids, Comics! is back in the saddle with the return of the Friday release!

"Last Sons and Last Daughters of" are remarkably commonplace in comics.  So much so that hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston just had to follow up last issue's pairings with an exploration of universal orphans. It's not easy to live 

It's not easy to live as the only remaining individual from your planet or the last of your species.  Many a super-hero (and indeed villain) carry that burden...and some will remind you every chance they get.  Whether by accident or design, force of nature or force of man, there is always somebody who manages to escape the fate of their kind only to enjoy (or suffer) a different kind of fate entirely.

From the Last Son of Krypton to many a Herald of Galactus and everywhere in between, HKC! brings you those who are, or thought they were until survivor inflation set in) the last of their kind...

Hey Kids, Comics! #222 - Two of a Kind

Still running a touch behind here, folks, but #223 is already in the can so look for things to return to normal on Friday.

In the meantime, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston look into the comic hero team-ups that endure.  Not the "Marvel-Two-in-One" single story pairings, but rather those of the "World's Finest" variety.

For decades, a prevailing theme in comics has been the team-up.  From full scale teams like the Avengers to those "hard traveling heroes, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, pooling resources is always the best approach.  One of the most compelling teams has long been the pairing of two existing heroes in a "buddy picture" dynamic.


Join your hosts on a special journey through some of the top team-ups-of-two in the history of comics.  Some playful, some deadly serious, all amazing as part of one of the enduring concepts in super-hero narratives.

Hey Kids, Comics #221 - That Moment When

The "Hey Kids, Comics!" posts on the JCU are nearly caught up!

There are times when a comic book becomes more than just another monthly chapter of illustrated narrative.  At their best, comics can be thought-provoking, alter our mood, or speak to us on a deeply personal level.  

These and other such personal experiences are on the collective mind of your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston this week.  In a special and most reflective issue of the show, they talk about those moments when a comic book story gave them pause.

Be warned!  This issue can be rather spoiler-rich as your hosts take a serious look at a handful of instances where a comic gave them chills or caused them to stop reading to take in the "wow" all that a few panels contained beyond the obvious.  "Saga of the Swamp Thing", "Countdown to Infinite Crisis", "Watchmen", "Saga" "Identity Crisis", and even some of the Wolfman/Perez run on "The New Teen Titans" are among the titles and stories discussed.  Beware of spoilers!

Hey Kids, Comics #220 - Marsh Madness

The joke would have been more effective had this published on time back in late March...

Welcome to the ultimate in sloppy slap-downs, Hey Kids, Comics! Marsh Madness!

The "swamp supreme" gather yet again to duke it out for the coveted win that will determine the Atlas of Algae, the Sultan of Sludge, the Master of Moss, and/or the Liege of Lichen!  

Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston bring you all of the action swampside as this brackish bracket whittles down the field to until a new Bayou Badass is crowned!

A Would-Be Contender

A Would-Be Contender

Hey Kids, Comics! #219 - ....And Where Are All the Gods?

Catching up on backlog of unpublished (here) Hey Kids, Comics! issues continues.


Andrew Farmer is off the leash this outing as JediCole was off running Games and Theory at All-Con XIII in Texas and somebody had to keep things going.  By the time this has finally found its way up on the JCU site, All-Con has long since passed, but the fun is still there.  Special guest Jason "Old Hollywood" Adams returns to the fold as substitute Cole and a look at comics and Hollwood (no surprise)!

Your hosts talk "Logan", the future of super-hero films and appeal to Wesley Snipes (among other greatness).  With "Logan" having been the topic of the last episode, the conversation does turn in other directions entirely.

As is so often the case when fanboy minds connect, things go off and on the rails on a constant.  From " to "Powerless" and beyond, this issue may not always be about comic books, but it does deliver on unexpected levels.