The Rantcor Pit #61 - The Wonderful World of Wookiees

It's time to embark for Kashyyyk!  Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina are on a quest to explore the life and times of one of the most iconic alien races from "the Star Wars" - Wookiees!  But they won't be going it alone.

Joining them this outing are Chris and Caleb of the Holy Nerdy Podcast!  These seasoned podcasters become immersed in The Pit as well as the thick manes of Wookiees.  Chewbacca is naturally center stage in the conversation, but his brethren who appeared in Episode III are also part of the mix.

Grab your Life Day robes and your bowcasters, its time to delve deep into all things Wookiee.  Discover what you never knew and what you don't want to know as Your Favorite Star Wars Guys wind up in the hairy middle of a Wookiee world!

Plus, find out why THIS is a major sticking point from Return of the Jedi.

Plus, find out why THIS is a major sticking point from Return of the Jedi.

Hey Kids, Comics! #218 - Wolverines!

We're running late, bub.  Very late.  

For nearly 20 years, Hugh Jackman has defined the character of Logan, aka Wolverine, aka James Howlett.  In "Logan", we bid a fond farewell to the feral of the X-Men.  This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take a look at the life and times of Wolverine on the big screen.

Some wounds never heal, but "Logan" goes a long way toward patching things up with fans still smarting from "X-Men Origins:  Wolverine".  This is just one of the many topics discussed as your hosts explore the man who's the best there is at what he does!

So pop open a beer, pop your <shudder> adamantium laced bone claws, and pop in on HKC! as they discuss...wait for it...WOLVERINE!

The Rantcor Pit #60 - Jedi Answers

Welcome to the latest (and just over a week late) episode of "The Rantcor Pit"!

This outing finds hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina delve into some territory twice explored by "Hey Kids, Comics!", Yahoo Answers!

Your intrepid hosts are not going it alone, though!  They are joined by Jeff McGee of Marvin Dog Media and a myriad of podcasts.  Jeff comes out swinging as he is introduced to the curious world of Yahoo Answers for the first time. 

From taun tauns to Obi-Wan Kenobi to Ewoks to the plot of The Empire Strikes Back (and even a former Alaskan Governor), this episode covers some serious ground.  Join in the fun and discover what The Rantcor Pit discovered amid the questions on Yahoo!

Hey Kids, Comics! #217 - Relatively Speaking

It's "family time" for HKC! this week as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston look into the dynamics of super-powered siblings as well as parent-child relationships in comics.

In a seemingly Marvel-centric issue, your hosts are joined by none other than JediCole's own brother, Clay Houston.  Over a year after his appearance on the final episode of Hey Kids, Comics! Live, he makes his debut on the main show!

Join the fun as two brothers and Cole's "other brother" discuss family matters in comics and the odd dynamic of "the Batman Family".

Hey Kids, Comics! #216 - Maybe They're Just Looking For Answers


Questions.  Questions, questions, questions.  So many questions are out there, especially for comic book fans.  But where to seek answers to the questions posed?

Yes!  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have returned to Yahoo Answers to seek out both answers and the questions that inspired them.  From Batman to Spider-Man and beyond, be prepared for things to get particularly odd in this special issue where your hosts take time out for a little fun.

It gets even more fun as they are joined by Eddie (The Rantcor Pit, Figments) Medina!  There are questions and the answers can be found right here!

The Rantcor Pit #59 - Star Wares Department

Welcome to the Galactic Gourmet, home of Star Wars kitchenware galore.  

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.  There is nothing you can't prepare without some kind of Star Wars kitchen item at hand to help.  From prep to serving, spatulas, timers, small appliances, tableware, salt and pepper shakers, dry goods containers, measuring cups, glasses, napkins, and more are at every fan's disposal.

Join Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina as they look around the kitchen, literally, and discover everything that has a Star Wars theme.  Baking, cooking, seasoning, serving, and dining...all bases can be covered in a Star Wars fashion these day.

So grab the blue milk and the Jawa juice and the bantha loin for Wookiee Floor Soup and bring your appetite as the kitchen goes intergalactic!

Hey Kids, Comics! #215 - Psi-Fi: Godlike

Welcome to the conclusion of Psi-Fi, HKC!'s exploration of all things psionic.  This arc has been building toward a dynamic conclusion that arrives now!

Great responsibility comes with great power, unless the power is so great that responsibility becomes something alien to the one in possession of such power.  That is where psionics enter the realm of godlike.

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are your guides into the realm of the gods themselves (in comics) this week.  Join in on the discussion of powers so far beyond those of mortal men that even the Universe itself is bedeviled.  This is the ultimate power...

Hey Kids, Comics! #214 - Psi-Fi: Countermeasures

As Psi-Fi draws closer to its conclusion, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston seek to reconcile the incredible power of the mind (in comics) with some means to counteract such power.  Is "fighting fire with fire the only option?

For every action there should be an equal and opposite reaction.  But when the very laws of nature can be defied at will, that becomes a different story.  Your hosts explore the ways that different writers have approached the problem of keeping psionics in check or eliminating the power all together. 

No easy task to be sure.  From technologies to utilization of other psionics to the old "writer's shoulder shrug" that makes anything possible, the ways in which super powers are counteracted have been myriad.  Sometimes brilliant, sometimes laughable, the penultimate issue of this arc explores as many your hosts could conjure.  This includes determining what hope the non-powered have against a psi-attack!

Hey Kids, Comics! #213 - Psi-Fi: Heavy Hitters

The power of the mind is the thing again this week (even if JediCole's old-man-brain managed to forget to post the show on Friday) as Psi-Fi continues.  This time exploring the biggest mental power players in comics.


When it comes to psionics, some just have it better than others.  A LOT better.  Powers that not only boggle, but control the minds of others.  Or powers that tap into telekinesis to manipulate matter on scales large, small, and even colossal!  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston try to get their minds around the uber-powerful minds of some of the mightiest psionics.  


Discover the power players of psionics and delve deeper into the definitions and "species" of such powers with a pair who are discovering the nature of this topic right along with you!

The Rantcor Pit #58 - Character Witness: Rogue One

Rantcor Art Logo.jpg

The "Star Wars Guys" are back at last!  Welcome to a long-awaited new episode of The Rantcor Pit!  

Still celebrating Rogue One, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina embark on an exploration of the new and returning characters that people the first Star Wars anthology film.

With a rich ensemble of characters good, bad, and crazy, Rogue One proved the perfect jumping off point for a new recurring series, "Character Witness".  Your hosts will discuss the diverse and often unique characters of the latest arrival to the Star Wars pantheon with an in-depth look at some of the most compelling new faces.

So listen to a fascinating journey through the characters that made Rogue One such an ideal Star Wars film as seen through the eyes of two lifelong fans!


Hey Kids, Comics! #212 - Psi-Fi: Mind Over Matter

The brains are back!  No, not your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston.  Long-time listeners know better than that!  It's the brains that have unlocked their potential in super-human ways (in comics), of course!

"Psi-Fi" continues with an exploration of the nature of psionics, the diversity of powers that can come with such mentally-derived energy, and a reconciliation on where this arc is headed.

Join the exploration into the landscape of the mind of the super-human as your hosts discover just now many ways one can be a psionic.  

Hey Kids, Comics #211 - Psi-Fi: Hooked on Psionics

Would you mind if Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston talk about the power of the mind?


This week Hey Kids, Comics! delves deep into the psychic and the psionic.  As part of the latest story arc, Psi-Fi, your hosts seek to define the nature of "mind powers" in comics.  This issue is a broad overview with the four ahead taking a closer look at specific characters and powers.

From obvious heavy hitters to speculation on some unlikely psionics, the stage is set for a lengthy journey into the super-powers of the mind itself!

Hey Kids, Comics! #210 - Aisle of Toys

The Toys Are Back in Town!

Andrew Farmer (above) and Cole Houston (below) have returned to the Toy Aisle yet again!  Join in on their discussion of all things comic book related action figures and toys this week.  Your hosts immerse themselves in one of their favorite topics and discover some great DC Comics and Marvel Comics toys past, present, and even future!


Where does he get those wonderful toys?  Find out right here!


Hey Kids, Comics! #209 - The Impracticals

Hello and welcome to the return of Hey Kids, Comics!  

The holiday hiatus is over and Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have returned to the JediCole Universe's weekly comic book show.  This time they are addressing one of the most common chestnuts of comics, impracticality. 

Someone is always coming up with a character or some technology in comics that simply cannot stand up to scrutiny from the standpoint of practicality.  Fans are so accustomed to this that it tends to go unnoticed.  An impractical forest that cannot be seen for the impractical trees.

So this week your hosts have taken it upon themselves to  talk about what is and is not practical in comics, mostly what is not - as there is plenty of material there.

There is More to The JediCole Universe Than Just This Site!

JediCole here with a long overdue reminder about a couple of aspects of the JCU that exist elsewhere in the realm of the internet.  Aspects  you may have missed from lack of information on this site.  So take a look at some more of what I am up to when not co-hosting or producing podcasts here.

The Rantcor Pit Live

For over two years now, me and Eddie Medina havet been taking our Star Wars-themed podcast live (with video streaming) as The Rantcor Pit Live!  Broadcast to the internet from Dallas, Texas, the show that started on Deep Ellum on Air is now found on Watch On Air Live!

On the first and third Sundays of every month, from 12 PM to 1 PM Central, you can find Your Favorite Star Wars guys covering all manner of topics of fan interest along with the Talk Lord of the Sith, the young intern Stephen Fett, and occasional guests!  CLICK HERE to check out the RPL page, see archived episodes, and catch us every other week! 

Don't forget the archives!  Eddie has been producing our official YouTube page that you can find right here.

Convention Awareness Project - Texas

Comic book, sci-fi/fantasy, anime, and other conventions are a big part of The JediCole Universe.  So be sure to visit the sister site, Convention Awareness Project - Texas, the Lone Star State's one-stop resource for conventions of every variety!

Click here to visit the site which is updated all year long!

Hey Kids, Comics! #208 - The Seventy-Five Percenters

Welcome to the deepest edition of Hey Kids, Comics! ever produced! 

At least from the standpoint of oceanic depths... 

This week's issue of the show finds Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston plumbing the depths in search of the aquatic denizens of comics!

From the obvious to the obscure, while water covers 75% of the Earth, only a tiny percentage of comic book characters hold sway there.  None the less, your hosts delve deep into the briny deep to discuss those who call the Seven Seas their home!

So prepare to set sail and answer for yourself the question if it truly is better down where it's wetter...under the sea.

Hey Kids, Comics! #207 - Have Yourself a Merry Little Hey Kids, Comics!

The holidays tend to overwhelm us all, and so it is that they have interfered with this most timely of issues of Hey Kids, Comics!, the annual Christmas gift guide edition.  The show has been available on Podbean since Friday, but is finally finding its way to the JCU.


Hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are pleased to share a variety of gift ideas from a variety of sources.  There is a little something for everyone on your list, no matter their taste in comics and comic book related collectibles. 

This year Santa's sack is brimming with geeky goodness for the nerdier folks on your Christmas list.  So snuggle up with a cup of cocoa and a notepad and find out what comic book folks are hopeful to get this year!

Hey Kids, Comics! to all, and to all a good night!


Hey Kids, Comics! #206 - Total Recall

NOTICE!  This issue of Hey Kids, Comics! has been recalled by the publisher.  Please remove all unsold copies from your racks and cease sales of this issue immediately by order of the publisher.  A Return Authorization Number will be provided by your distributor and a full refund will be issued for all returned copies.  A corrected reprinted edition will ship in the coming weeks that will rectify any and all aspects of this issue that were incorrect, inaccurate, mislabeled, offensive, or otherwise would have given cause for necessitating an immediate recall.  We at the JCU apologize for any inconvenience or interruption of sales this recall return may have caused.  A special gold foil embossed limited edition of this issue will be provided with the replacement copies as a thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Thank you,

Comic Book Bernie Sanders

Editior-in-Chief, JCU Virtual Funny Book

Seriously, though, this issue finds Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston talking up recalls of comic book print runs from bygone eras.  From the infamous Elseworlds 80-Page Giant to a certain issue of Doctor Strange to the unlicensed restaurant-based comic Halle the Hooters Girl,  many a comic book has been halted at the printer, recalled from retail, or otherwise brought back from publishers.  

The reasons for comic book recalls are varied, mostly printing or paper cutting errors on the part of the printer.  However, some recalls stand out because of knee-jerk reactions by overly sensitive publishers or content that may have been beyond the ideal age range of certain books.  Join your hosts as they examine some of the more striking recalls in comic book history.

Even toys get the recall treatment!

Hey Kids, Comics! #205 - Strange Days Indeed

Doctor Strange has hit the theaters at last and cast its spell on comic fans and moviegoers alike!

Like Tahiti, Hey Kids Comics! becomes a magical place this week as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston attempt to enter the mysterious Kamar-Taj and gain insights into ancient mysticism.  Failing that, they discuss the latest Marvel Studios film, Doctor Strange.

Mrs. JediCole joins the conversation as the comic book and movie lore are compared and explored.  How did this trio feel about the changes made to classic Marvel characters, the introduction of true mysticism to the Cinematic Universe, and the arrival of the Sorcerer Supreme?  Find out by listening to the incantations contained in this week's podcast!

JediCole is getting all Vishanti on the JCU this week!

JediCole is getting all Vishanti on the JCU this week!