Looking for a comic book podcast that takes an in-depth look at comics in a unique new way?  You have found it here! 

Created by comic book enthusiast Andrew Farmer and co-hosted by JCU namesake Cole Houston, Hey Kids, Comics! eschews “the latest comic book news and reviews” in favor of delving deep into the concepts found within the pages of this pop-culture genre.  Past issues have explored the senses, family and romantic relationships, the Seven Deadly Sins, other worlds, and even foodstuffs as they occur in and pertain to comics.  Character, team, and creator spotlights as well as the sub-genre of toys (and even an annual Christmas wish-list) have also been covered in past issues.

In short, you never know what topics will next get the Hey Kids, Comics! treatment, so be sure to check out the latest issue and the ever-growing back issue bin.

All the Issues can be found HERE