Half-Ass Roundtable I - Where to Begin?

Greetings and welcome to the first ever episode of Half-Ass Roundtable, the first podcast of The JediCole Universe!  JediCole is joined by his HAR co-hosts Andrew Farmer of The United States of Geekdom and Stuart Baulk of The Midnight Movie Cowboys.  We are joined in the inaugral episode by the originator of the USG, Rick Gutierrez.

HAP - The Mascot of Half-Ass Productions
Details on what constitutes Half-Ass Roundtable are outlined at the start of the episode so I won't repeat things here.  Enjoy the fun as the team tackle not one but two (!) topics in one episode.  Content Warning:  I will not reign in myself, my co-hosts, or our guest on any episode of this show.  Some of what is said in the discussions may be offensive to some people but is really some great stuff.  If your sensitivities are too tender for this sort of thing this may not be the podcast for you!

A second episode has already been recorded and will appear on this website very soon.