Hey Kids, Comics! #3 - Women in Comics

“The women!” – Mr. Spock (The Cage)

Welcome to the latest issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  In our third big show Andrew and Cole delve into the roles that women have played in the history and production of comics.  As characters the “fairer sex” has been portrayed in every way from the (constantly) kidnapped girlfriend to the powerful heroine in the forefront of the action.   In comics women have been heroes, villains, and common folk who’s lives cross with those of the super-powered for good or ill.  The hyper-babe with exaggerated features of female perfection shares a common history with strong and realistic characters who would be right at home in the real world.

But the role of women in comics goes beyond the printed page.  Female creators and fans alike have increasingly made their mark on the comic book scene.  This issue of HKC pays homage to their contributions and presence as well.  From the four color panels to the production and consumption thereof, women have been a part of comics from the outset and they are celebrated here. 
So sit back and enjoy the fun as our intrepid heroes as they are joined by their first special guest, Jasmine Wolf (who’s voice you will definitely be hearing again and often on the JCU Network), as they delve into the long history of comic book femme fatales and those who create and follow them.