Hey Kids, Comics! #5 – Holding Up a Mirror to Reality

“Is this the real life?  Is this just fantasy?” – Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody)

Welcome to the conclusion of Comic Shop Confidential, the first story arc of Hey Kids, Comics!  How do you follow rabid fandom, sexuality, female roles, and religion and their roles in comic books?  Well  you simply jump into the hairy middle of a whole pile of social issues! 

Marvel Comics was certainly in the vanguard of infusing real world problems into the lives of their fictional characters, Tony Stark’s personal demons being the most pronounced.  But over the years comic books have introduced such weighty issues as drug abuse, racism, and gun control.  As this first story arc draws to a close the conversation turns to these and other aspects of society on a whole that have become increasingly common themes explored in a variety of comic books.

Andrew Farmer and Cole “JediCole” Houston are your hosts in this lively, thoughtful discussion on the serious side of comics.