Hey Kids, Comics! #11 - Comics, Commerce, and the All-Mighty Buck: The Never Ending Eulogy

 “I got an uncle lives in Taxes!”
“No!  I’m talking taxes!  Money!  Dollars!”
“Hey!  That’s where my uncle lives!  Dollars, Taxes!” – Chicolini and a Fredonian official (Duck Soup)

The death knell of the comic industry has been pealing for decades now and yet it seems
that, like the film industry, modern technology has yet to succeed in sending it the way of sundials and whale oil. 

Shakespeare said a coward dies many deaths but a hero dies but once.  And yet in sharp contrast to this statement the ever-heroic comic industry soldiers on, seemingly as strong as ever.  And yet there have been so many points in its long more than a century history
its very existence has been so threatened that industry insiders have called its demise inevitable.  From the legislative threat that gave birth to the Comics Code Authority to the rise of the digital comic. 

Through it all there’s still “gold in them thar hills”!  But how is that possible, and can
the industry truly survive any more financial blows?  Andy and Cole discuss this and other related topics on this financially charged edition of Comics, Commerce, and the All-Mighty Buck!