Hey Kids, Comics! #8 – Comics, Commerce, and the All-Mighty B

Welcome to a very special, highly collectible, must-have, guaranteed to skyrocket in value extra-cool edition of Hey Kids, Comics!  This virtually embossed issue features a simulated mylar bag to protect the ultra-amazing hologram (in theory) and the much sought after, serially numbered trading card (also virtual)!

This episode really does not have special enhancements or incentives, rather it is about the special enhancements and incentives used by publishers in the past to lure in new readers.  Or more accurately, to lure in collectors and speculators.  This is all about making a buck, right?  Why sell comics with great stories and art when you can let the cover and/or the packaging do the selling for you!  So your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston invite you to once again join them in an exploration of how money makes the comic world go around!