Hey Kids, Comics! #14 - HKC! Presents 1

"I get that reference!" - Captain America, The Avengers

What exactly is HKC! Presents?  Why it is the first installment of a new feature on the show in which we ask you our listeners to ask us questions about anything to do with comics!  After 13 plus issues we are turning the tables a bit to buy ourselves time to give a much better showing on our episode about Alpha Flight and to open the door to a new kind of show.

On this episode we field two questions, one specific to a character and one with a broader focus on comic reading and colleting.  As first outings go this one typifies exactly what we are looking for with HKC! Presents.  Give this episode a listen and begin to formulate your questions.  Then send them in to me at jedicole@yahoo.com and you might just wind up being featured in a future issue.  This particular feature will be back in about ten or so episodes because we want to hear from our listeners and make you a part of the show!