"You Can't Go If You Don't Know!" Check Out Our Sister Site, Convention Awareness Project - Texas

If you have not already, especially if you live in Texas, check out my new website (launched in January), Convention Awareness Project - Texas!  (Click here to see for yourself.)

The Convention Awareness Project is a passion of mine, to provide the single most comprehensive resource for listing and showcasing conventions of geeky interest all over the Lone Star State. 

Why just Texas?  Well for one, that is where I am from.   And the primary reason is that, even concentrating on one state, I have to constantly add new conventions to my listings!  A few years ago I attempted a national list and after updating just the listings for October seven or eight times I decided it was an impossible task.  Just today I had to add two more shows to my Texas listings.  One was a show I knew about but did not have a date and locale until today, the other I found out about solely because I happened to drop by Bazinga Comics in San Antonio and was given that show's postcard! 

So there you have it.  If you live in Texas or travel here for shows, if you are a vendor, an artist, a small press publisher, or anyone who frequents such shows then you need to bookmark CAP-TX to keep track of every show out there.  There is no more thoroughly researched website for Texas comic, anime, gaming, figure/diorama modeling, toy, sci-fi, collectible, and literary conventions culled from dozens of websites.

But there's more!  Whenever possible I arrange interviews with the folks behind the shows to give you even more insight as to what makes the convention unique.  I do all of this because you can't go if you don't know!