Hey Kids, Comics! #39 - From Funny Books to Graphic Fiction Part 3: Comics Are Super, Man

As we reach the midpoint of the latest story arc, HKC! turns its attention to the rise of the super-hero genre.  From the lighting of the fuse in the form of Superman to the periodic gluts in publishers, titles, and characters that have punctuated the history of the genre, there is a lot of ground to cover.

And heroically stepping up to aid in this is Texas-based artist and major fan of the show Eddie Medina!  Eddie is this week’s surrogate Andrew as the “Hey Kids, Comics! Without an Andy” subplot continues.  In all actuality Andy has taken a brief hiatus from the show so Cole has arranged a rotor of substitutes for the duration of this arc and at least one issue following.  Please join this latest pairing of comic fans on a journey through the genre that has defined the medium for decades.  This one is going to be super!