Hey Kids, Comics! #40 - From Funny Books to Graphic Fiction Part 4: Turning Points and Changing Tastes

Comics as an entertainment have always been a fluid and evolving medium.  With origins linked to newspaper comic strips, an often embattled history, and a built-in need to maintain readership while also seeking new audiences, as published matter goes the comic book has done fairly well to still be around over 100 years later!

What forces have driven the industry beyond social pressures?  With an ever aging original audience, comic publishers have had to learn walk twisting path in order to keep up with the times while also never losing sight of any of their customer base.  As comic books moved toward more sophisticated plotlines and realistic art to maintain their more mature readers they had to simultaneously cast about for ways to attract the young new reader in the process.  Special guest co-host Bobby Blakey joins Cole for this issue that explores the trends and demands that have driven the comic book industry for decades.  And, yes, Andrew is still out on hiatus.

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