Are You Ready To Rumble?! In the Literal Sense, That is...

Bobby Blakey is launching a new show on The JediCole Universe Podcasting Network, “Fight Scene”.  Essentially he has created illustrations of super-hero matchups that need some back story.  That is where you come in.  “Fight Scene” is a unique illustrated podcast which will eventually be featured on YouTube (stationary image with the actual podcast running as audio).  The audio in question is a series four different people individually describing in whatever level of detail they choose how the clash between the two heroes depicted will play out.  Each participant gets a maximum of 10 minutes to describe their version of the battle.  Bobby will record the intros for each as well as leading the show with his interpretation of the contest at hand.

What happens is entirely up to the participant.  You can describe what led to the fight as a lead-in to the action or just jump into the middle of things and describe the epic slugfest!  If you so choose you can just give a blow-by-blow without bothering to resolve the fight.  Or you can take is straight through to declare a winner, if any.  The choice is yours, the fight is yours!  Creativity and enthusiasm are the main ingredients that you should bring to this Main Event.  

We currently have nine fights illustrated with more on the way.  For now we are lining up fellow podcasters to take on the first fights before opening the show to listeners and the unwashed public.  The first Saturday night of every month (because as Elton John tells us, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday night’s all right…for fighting) a new episode of “Fight Scene” will go live on The JediCole Universe.  Please pick one of the following fights you would like to participate in as outlined above.  Captain Marvel/Hulk and Vigilante/Punisher have just one open slot while Colossus/Cyborg has three and the rest a full complment of four slots.  Act now as all of these fights will fill up quickly.

If you want to participate please write to me as soon as possible at!  Once you have chosen I will forward the image of the battle as inspiration for your recording.  We are looking at premiering the first fight has been postponed, but will be coming in about two weeks.

Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!) vs. Hulk – Rage and Thunder

Colossus vs. Cyborg – Clash of the Ironclads

Vigilante vs. Punisher – Justice with a Vengeance

Yondu vs. Savage Dragon – Finned Furies

Hellstrom (Son of Satan) vs. Etrigan the Demon – Infernal Conflict

Man-Thing vs. Swamp Thing – Marsh Madness

Black Panther vs. Man-Bat – Red in Tooth and Claw

Dr. Strange vs. Dr. Fate – Mystic Mayhem

Tiger Shark vs. Black Manta – Rough Seas