Hey Kids, Comics! #41 - From Funny Books to Graphic Fiction Part 5: Not Kids Comics - Tijuana to Omaha

A comprehensive look at the history of comics would not be complete without delving into a genre that is not often discussed.  The adult comic is an aspect of the medium that is as important to its evolution as the super-hero.  In this special issue the racy side of comics will get its due.

Joining Cole this week is returning guest Steve McCauley.  A lifelong friend of the show’s producer and co-host, Steve brings unique insights to this issue’s subject matter.  Everything from the “Tijuana Bibles” of old through the underground “commix” and well into the adult comic explosion of the 90s, your intrepid hosts will brave the land of comics that are most decidedly not for kids!

Note: While the material covered in this issue is of an adult-oriented nature, the discussions themselves will not be overtly explicit.