Hey Kids, Comics! #42 - Heroes Come Home: Animated

Comic books have had their “Golden Age”, but in many ways they are enjoying a true golden age yet again.  Never has there been so much universal interest in the genre than today.  Comic book characters have broken free of their panels and invaded all manner of other media.

In this issue and the next issue, Hey Kids, Comics! will examine the role of comic books as source material for television programs.  The United States of Geekdom’s resident animated super-hero genre expert Rick Gutierrez joins the fun as the final guest host of the long Andrew drought that has become a trademark of this show over the last few weeks.  

Cole and Rick talk up those primitive Marvel cartoons that were among the first such televised features and how they blazed a trail for the likes of the various incarnations of the Super-Friends, the dynamite X-Men series, and even the half-hour toy commercial that is Super-Hero Squad!  Even the emerging straight-to-home-video animated features, like Planet Hulk and Superman: Doomsday,  will be explored.