Hey Kids, Comics! #43 - Heroes Come Home: Live Action

When heroes come home, on the television screen that is, animation is the most common means to bring them to life.  But once in a  while Hollywood  has put up the bucks to outfit actors and actresses as our favorite super-heroes.  In this issue Andrew also comes home, returning to HKC! after a lengthy absence to join Cole as this two-part exploration of comic characters on screen concludes.

Together your hosts will examine the long history of live action comic book adaptations on television.  There are the obvious examples like The Incredible Hulk or Smallville mingled with the more obscure, independent comics sourced shows like Witchblade.  Add to the mix a variety of made for TV movies and other hidden gems and there is a whole world of comic book related television to discuss.  And then there are the super-hero genre shows that take their cues from comics while not being based on any specific titles.  These two will receive coverage in this issue.