Hey Kids, Comics! #44 - The Hero's Journey

Welcome once again to Hey Kids, Comics! and this time for a very special issue indeed.  This week, as things return to normal around this podcast, your host Andrew Farmer, welcomes his good friend Kelly Long to the show.  Producer/co-host Cole Houston is along for the ride as Kelly takes the lead in an exploration of heroes in the Classics and how they relate to the contemporary super-heroes that tend to be a staple of this show.

Wonder Woman in her many incarnations takes center stage as she has the greatest connection to Greek mythology, an aspect of the character that is sometimes at the core of her characterization and at others little more than a footnote.  With a perfect balance of the scholarly and the geeky, this unique issue is sure to inform and entertain.  So grab you sandals and your cloak because we are about to walk the path that was blazed by the ancients!