Hey Kids, Comics! #46 - HKC! Team-Up #1: The Justice League

Strength in numbers is the name of the game with this issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  We follow one new recurring feature with yet another!  “HKC! Team-Up” will take scrutinize one of the most common sub genres of super-hero comics, the team.  When super-heroes band together for the common good it can become a consolidation of powers as well as a kind of dysfunctional family dynamic!  And each team represents this in entirely different ways.  So to launch this feature, Andrew and Cole set their sights on the first such team in comics, the Justice League!

This issue will take a look at the team’s beginnings fighting off Starro the Conqueror and their early adventures, the constant evolution of their roster, and the various additional incarnations that would come into play over the years.  Characters, plotlines, and even writers and artists are fair game as we investigate the life and times of DC Comics’ ultimate super-team-up!