Hey Kids, Comics #47 - Summer Fun Special

Summer is here and it is time to make the most of it with something that has occurred from time to time in comics, the “Summer Fun Special”!  If it worked for X-Men and Blue Devil, why not for this show?  Hey Kids, Comics! is proud to present to you our first ever such special issue where we just let our hair down, talk comics of all kinds, and just do a free-wheeling issue as a bit of a break from the routine. 

Andrew and Cole goof around with special guest XXx xxx in a light-hearted romp through the four color world they love.  This week you can expect a little glimpse at humor and parody comics, but there will also be some good old fashioned tomfoolery.  Little wonder considering our guest for the show!  Start your summer off right, the HKC! way with this lively special issue!