Hey Kids, Comics! #48 - Play Ball!

Would you like to play a game?  A ball game that is!  We’re talking about hitting the field or the court for some good old fashioned sports.  But this isn't good old fashioned sports!  No, instead what we have in mind here at the Hey Kids, Comics! Athletic Department is taking baseball, football, and basketball to heroic new levels.  Indeed, super-heroic levels!

Andrew and Cole take the field with special guest Eddie Medina as they take the super-hero team concept in a different direction, that of a sports team.  Who will make the cut in the draft picks for this fantastic play on fantasy sports?  Will it be no powers or no-holds-barred when it comes to facing off in a friendly game?  Extrapolating on the classic Avengers/West Coast Avengers baseball games and the Xavier School Intramurals, your hosts suit up and admonish the coach to put them in the game!