Hey Kids, Comics! #49 - Forging Steel

Look!  Up on the screen!  It’s Superman!

The “Last Son of Krypton” has had a long and healthy career on screens both large and small and has now been reinvented as an iconic hero for a new era with the release of Warner Brothers Man of Steel.  It is only natural, therefore, that Andrew and Cole take a tall-building-spanning leap at the latest cinematic incarnation of Superman. 

In this special issue Catherine “Mrs. JediCole” Houston joins the discussion focuses on the recently released blockbuster (which has already been guaranteed a sequel).  The “Man of Tomorrow” has been remade for today, but not without his detractors.  Andy, Cole, and Catherine sift through the rubble of Metropolis to get a feel for everything, good and bad, that Zach Snyder brought to the silver screen in his take on the flagship character of DC Comics.

WARNING!  This podcast may contain spoilers.

Note: The previously announced Creator Spotlight: Bill Willingham issue has been postponed to issue #56.