Hey Kids, Comics #50 - The Year of Living Comicsly

Has it truly been a year?!

Well it seems it has.  And what great timing, the first anniversary of Hey Kids, Comics! dovetailed nicely with our milestone 50TH issue!  Yes, we realize that technically this is our 51st if you factor in #0, but just let us take that bit of artistic license here as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston join forces yet again and reflect on a full year of making Andy’s comic book podcast dream a reality. 
From humble beginnings amidst the recurring United States of Geekdom and The JediCole Universe feature Collector Sector to finding our feet way back when with the rather tentative #0 issue, there is a  lot to talk about this week.  Insights abound as Andy discusses how this show got started, the challenges and triumphs of bringing it to life, and what goes into making an episode of the JCU’s number one podcast.  And it all leads up to (after a mere week off for a breather) the first ever Hey Kids, Comics! Annual

So enjoy this memoir of HKC! year one with an eye on the new frontier ahead.