Hey Kids, Comics! #53 - Continuity is Not Absolute: Out of Character, Out of the Blue, Out of Whack

She did what?!  Did he just say that?!   How is that even a thing?!

How often have we as comic book readers found ourselves saying or thinking such things?  One of the trickiest aspects of continuity is keeping characters in character.  Captain America is not likely to start cursing like a sailor and you can pretty much expect that has never and will never happen.  But in a much less obvious way many a comic character has made an abrupt about-face from what we know and love.  And very often it is the more shocking because there is no forewarning.  It just happens!

Andrew and Cole will discuss the changes that came from so far out of nowhere as to be inexplicable by any stretch of the imagination.  From minor characterization flaws to massive changes in one issue of a book that had no precedent in the prior issue.  What happens when editors are either asleep at the wheel or, worse yet, are taking it by force from the creators who are driving a given comic storyline?  Find out for yourself as “Continuity is Not Absolute” continues!