Hey Kids, Comics! #54 - Continuity is Not Absolute: The Dicey Hand of Death


A word with lasting connotations in the real world.  A word that reflects the gamut from permanence to inconvenience in comics, however!  It is hard to keep a good hero down and harder still for a comic company to sacrifice a cash cow on the alter of compelling story craft.

So while the Grim Reaper may still be portrayed with a grinning skull on the four color page, editors and corporate suits have effectively pulled his teeth when it comes to their precious characters.  Many a hero and villain have fallen to the proverbial scythe only to sprout up again through the vehicle of imaginary stories, dream sequences, unique physiology, magic, or the intervention of entities who can undo  death itself.  Regardless of the methods utilized, death just can’t seem to keep a firm grip on the Lazarus-like denizens of comics.  Dead men tell no tales, so Andrew and Cole will tell the tales of dead men who just couldn’t be bothered to stay that way in the next to last issue of “Continuity is Not Absolute”!