Hey Kids, Comics! #55 - Continuity is Not Absolute: When it Sticks

Do retcons ever amount to anything?

Lasting change is something that is rare when it comes to retcons and sweeping editorial mandates.  When changes come they make a big splash, sometimes drive sales, and certainly inflame the fan community.  But do they have a durable impact or simply dissipate in time?  More often than not it is the latter, but at times the big decisions about the direction of a comic remain for years or even become permanent. 

As Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston wrap up this expansive story arc, the focus is on the few times that a big change made enough difference to become part of the permanent (such as anything ever is) continuity.  Believe it or not, this has actually happened a few times!  Furthermore  your hosts reflect on a few loose ends from this surprising series.