Hey Kids, Comics! #58 - What? No Pictures?

It is Hey Kids, Comics! time again and this time your hosts have a little something different in mind.  Comic books are great but some people want a little more, especially the publishers!  Why stop at serialize graphic fiction when you can team up with various book publishers and create novels and anthologies of everyone's favorite comic book characters?  At intervals over the years, from the illustrated 1947 novel The Adventures of Superman straight through to 2013's novelization of Iron Man: Extremis, comic book themed books have been an important sub-genre of the industry.

This week's exploration of the world of comic book-based prose brings special guest Matt "Starman" Morrison to the mix with some great insights and personal experiences with such books.  Discover the non-illustrated world of comics with this unusual picture-free issue.

BONUS!!  Thanks to next week's special guest, Matt Morrison, Cole was pointed in the direction of some YouTube posts of the songs from the Justice League record album referenced in this week's issue.  Give a listen here if you want to hear Batman's awkward voice.  You can also hear Superman attempt to invent rap!