Hey Kids, Comics! #61 - Deconstructing Comics: To Prove a Villain

What better way to launch the second part of “Deconstructing Comics” than to quote the Bard?  Much akin to Shakespeare’s most sinister characters, the super-villain is often possessed of ambition that robs all nobility in the pursuit of personal gain.  The villain is the focus of this issue of the arc.

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston enter the lion’s den as the in-depth exploration of the super-hero genre continues.  The driving forces behind the evil machinations of comic book villains are as varied as the costumed criminals themselves.  Be it fortune, revenge, world domination, or insanity, what moves men and women to embrace a life of crime will be questioned, debated, and examined in this wicked issue of Hey Kids, Comics! 

Prepare to gaze into the abyss!

And find out what this guy has to do with the subject, too...