Hey Kids, Comics #62 - Deconstructing Comics: Stand By Me

A comic book hero’s adventures are little more than a series of fist fights without a good supporting cast.  It is the ordinary, and even extraordinary, people in the wings that add flavor, anxiety, and a touch of the real world to the life of the super-hero.

In the fourth installment of this arc super-friends Andy and Cole hang out with the folks who hang out with their favorite super-heroes.  And Frank Anderson, Jr. joins the fun!  Not the love interests or significant others, but rather their friends, co-workers, confidants, and assistants who are the subject of this episode.  From famous butlers to traveling companions, friends keep a super-hero grounded, focused, and sometimes even sane.  

Plus our special guest is none other than our good friend Frank Anderson, Jr. who stopped by JediCole's studio to share a mic and get in on the comic book super friend action.