Hey Kids, Comics! #64 - Deconstructing Comics: All in the Family

Every family has its quirks, its problems, its joys, and its struggles.   When one or more members of the family unit are super-heroes, however, the dynamic changes drastically.  Just where do parents, siblings, and extended family fit in to the mix when saving the world is your vocation?

Andrew “Little Brother” Farmer and Cole “Big Brother” Houston get to know the close relations of favorite super-heroes with an in-depth look at the effects of having a super child or sibling.  From the traditional Kents to the often dysfunctional Royal Families of Atillin, Apokalips, and Atlantis, all manner of kinship will be examined.  And what of the family bonds that transcend blood and heraldry?  The “family of friends” will also be explored.

Answer for yourself the question...which is the most dysfunctional family in comics?