Return of the Jedi(Cole Universe Forums)!

Last year a forum page was created for The JediCole Universe but received little to no activity.  In the last few months I have noticed that the old announcement for said forums has seen the odd hit here and there.  Unfortunately the link to the forums is a dead end as they lapsed due to inactivity.

However, it has long been my intention to relaunch the forums to give the readers and listeners who frequent this site a place to interact with me, my ever-growing membership of JediCole Universe Podcasting Network colleagues, and each other.  To that end I have reestablished the forums page and will busy myself recreating individual forums for each of the podcasts and recurring features on this site as well as other topics of interest to those who frequent the JCU.   There will also be forums specific to your favorite podcasters in this new incarnation!  

A formal announcement will be made no later than the first part of November when the Forum site goes live again!

- JediCole