Hey Kids, Comics! #66 - Hey Comics! What's For Supper?!

Even comic book characters have to eat!  

And we are not talking (exclusively) hero sandwiches here!  Throughout the long history of comic books there have been foodstuffs associated with various characters or at least the odd scene that shows a hero or other character chowing down.  From the handheld meal favored by one of the Fantastic Four to the best hamburger ever drawn in comics, a veritable smorgasbord of treats make up this week's Hey Kids, Comics! bill of fare.  

While the obvious heavy meal that Galactus enjoys went unmentioned, a whole bunch of other four color noshing is brought to bear.  Joining Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston at table for this delectable edition is none other than the United States of Geekdom's own Rick Gutierrez.  So grab a napkin and dig in to the audio feast that is this week's episode.

That IS a tasty show! 

"Hey Kids, Comics! Yummm!