Hey Kids, Comics! #68 - Seven Deadlies: Enough is Never Enough

Greed is the order of the day in this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! and our ongoing exploration of the vilest sins of man.  That is to say such sins as they pertain to the lives of comic book characters and manifest themselves in comics.  To say that greed plays a large role in the realm of the super-hero comic is something of an understatement! 

Join your hosts Andrew “Gimmie!  Gimmie” Farmer and Cole “Ultra Uncle Scrooge” Houston as they dig deep into the dark corners of the miser’s heart and…  Actually they will take you on a journey into greed as it manifests itself in comic books.  From the money hungry to those who want more (and more and more), you can always find some greed and selfishness within in the printed pages.  And sometimes outside of them as well.

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