Hey Kids, Comics! #71 - A Big Meal and Then a Nap

At the end of a story arc exhaustion can tend to set in 'round Hey Kids, Comics! way.  Other times we just work up a mean appetite that won’t be sated.  Either way the conclusion of this arc is upon us and we prepare to bid adieu to the mortal sins of man with an examination of sloth and gluttony.  Are you prepared to dig into this smorgasbord of comics or do you just want to settle into the Comfy Chair and enjoy yourself while your hosts do all the work?

What Would Matter-Eater Lad Eat?
Regardless of your approach, Andrew “Just Five More Minutes!  Better Make it Ten!” Farmer and Cole “Pass the Biscuits and Gravy” Houston take a long look at  the remaining Deadly Sins.  This issue rounds out a story arc that would make the wizard Shazam proud of us indeed.  So exactly how do these two sins of excess, at opposite ends of the spectrum, play out in comic books?  Find out as we digest gluttony and sleep off sloth.

As a special surprise, You Are Here artist Bobby "Eat or Sleep?  I Can't Decide!" Blakey joins the fun with a different take on Professor X, among other great insights.