The Rantcor Pit 5: Force Fails

It is a week and nearly a day late, but as promised here is the latest edition of The Rantcor Pit!  We think you will find the subject matter is most befitting of the break in scheduling and the fact that timing did not permit any leeway for editing the show.  This episode is presented effectively as it was recorded.  The holidays (Wookie Life Day not withstanding) are really throwing things off!

Even if you like the Star Wars, you don't always like everything about the Star Wars!

For even the most hardcore fan there are times when Star Wars just does not deliver.  From the myriad nit-picking-worthy aspects of the prequel trilogy to the Expanded Universe, there are many places where the magic of the Saga lost some luster.

Your hosts Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina join forces to root out everything Star Wars that comes from points as far from the bright center of the universe as might be possible to find.  Be it unnecessary nods to other films or plain bad characters on screen and in literature, there is much to find fault with when it comes to George Lucas' baby.  And yet we can't always content ourselves to pointing out the bad stuff as you will discover...