Hey Kids, Comics! #74 - Rethinking the Legends: Another You

It's time for a new story arc here at Hey Kids, Comics!, and this one is going to be a great one! 

Over the years the alternate timeline, alternate reality, or otherwise "not your father's fill-in-the-blank" concept has become more than just an often revisited chestnut.  It has almost become the norm!  From reboots and relaunches to DC's Elseworlds imprint to cross-company mash-ups like the Amalgum, you can pretty much count on some new takes on old favorites.  Some of these plots are one-shot tales outside of continuity, others represent sweeping change.  

With this arc Andrew Farmer of Earth 22 and Cole Houston's transdimensional clone/twin/duplicate seek to discover the variety of divergent incarnations in all of their forms.  JCU Sunday Funnies contributor Bobby Blakey dives headlong into this first such exploration which highlights the reimagining of characters taken out of their familiar time and place and put in a different period of history or originating under vastly different circumstances.  Join the fun as 17th century super heroes, Communist-raised alien visitors, and other fantastic variants of established characters are the order of the day.