Hey Kids, Comics! #77 - Rethinking the Legends: Joining Forces

Hey everybody!  It's time for Hey Kids, Comics! yet again!  

The current time/space/reality bending story arc continues this week with a mash-up of unprecedented proportions!  Or perhaps there is a precedent after all.  For decades comic companies major and minor have teamed up to allow the borders of their respective universes to blur and pit characters against one another or have them join forces as well against a common (or uncommon) foe.  And then there are the even more uncommon examples of the lines blurring to the point of being non-existent.  Thus was the case when DC and Marvel blended their universes way back in 1996.  And again in 1997.

Yet again this week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston join forces with Bobby Blakey to talk up crossovers, team-ups, and other mutually beneficial cash grab gimmicks over the years.