Hey Kids, Comics! #80 - The InfiniToy Gauntlet: A Toy Aisle Adventure

It's Wednesday and time for another issue of Hey Kids, Comics!, even if it is a touch late today.  

With the New York International Toy Fair having occurred between the last issue and this one, it was impossible for Andrew and Cole to resist turning down the Toy Aisle one more time.  There is just too much on the horizon not to revisit one of our favorite topics.  

The sheer volume of fun that spewed forth from New York this year could not be contained any more than the enthusiasm of your toy-fanatical hosts and their returning guest Rick Gutierrez of the United States of Geekdom!  A veritable cornucopia of licensed toy goodness awaits us all in the latest Golden Age of Collectibles (aka 2014). 

Give a listen to find out about even more great collectibles that you will simply have to have in your collection this year!