The Rantcor Pit 11: The Art of Star Wars Art

This episode was recorded about two weeks ago, in advance of All-Con 2014.  The concept was that we would manage to get a show out while we were away at All-Con presenting game shows, panels, and talk shows.  Unfortunately that convention (and our presence there) swallowed whole every moment either of us had at our disposal.  There is mention at the beginning of the show about the original intention for this show and how this would have been on the site during last weekend.  Needless to say this did not happen as planned, but I did not want to remove that part of the show solely because it is not accurate.  After the All-Con weekend it would no longer have been relevant anyway, really.

The Rantcor Pit is back!  After a hiatus for All-Con, Cole "JediCole" Houston and Eddie Medina return like so many Jedi to bring you an overdue new look at our favorite galaxy far, far away!

For this episode the subject is the art of Star Wars.  From early concept art that helped sell the film to the studio and even Kenner Toys, to some favorite art from the comics that kept the story alive for us between films.  Artists are often the unsung heroes of movies and especially cultural phenomenon like Star Wars.  Eddie realized this (perhaps as an artist) and suggested this show.

Despite fatigue from preparing for four days of entertaining the masses at a convention, your intrepid hosts find much to talk about as they use a thousand words to give you a picture of Star Wars art and artists!