Hey Kids, Comics! #86 - Time Troubles

It's Friday and time for another issue of The JediCole Universe's own comic book podcast!  Past, present, or future, there is nothing quite like time travel to open up a floodgate of possibilities in comic books.  Love them or hate them, time travel stories are very much a part of the fabric of the medium.

Opinions on time travel in comics vary between your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston as they explore the many incarnations of mucking about in the flow of time.  Myriad are the characters who move through time like everyone else moves through space, with consequences from the awkward to the devastating.

Who are the major players in time travel?  What comics have explored this phenomenon well and which have failed miserably?  Who is the most roundly hated time traveler?  And what's up with Archie?

Discover this and more in this time-spanning issue!