Hey Kids, Comics! #87 - Space Race

It's Hey Kids, Comics! time again with Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston!  Hot on the heels of last week's issue focusing on time travel, your intrepid hosts turn their attentions to the ups and downs of space travel!  Or more specifically, the inevitable effect thereof, a surfeit of alien races peopling the various comic book universes.
Done right, everything from alien invasions to cosmic encounters can add richness to a story or a continuity.  Done wrong you get everything from sappy stories to blatant (often pandering) rip-offs.  From the high profile Kree/Skrull War of The Avengers to the myriad races that people the oft-visited Vega System in DC titles, Andy and Cole just begin to scratch the surface of who and what is "out there".

So strap into your space-cockpit, buckle up your space-harness, fire up your space-rockets, and get your spaceship out into the vast and furious cosmos of comics with this week's fascinating discussion.  

Neil Degrasse Tyson action figure sold separately.