Hey Kids, Comics! #81 - Cryptids and Comics: The Lost Issue

At last!  The mystery of the missing issue of HKC! has been solved!  Like a Bigfoot sighting or a UFO encounter, there is something about this issue that has to be filed under U for "unexplained"!  

What happens when Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston of Hey Kids, Comics! join forces with Eddie and Colleen Medina of Figments?  Well, you have to give this one a listen to find out.  There is a good reason it fell out of continuity like a time-bulleted Superman.  There are things that defy human understanding and cryptid creatures in the realm of comic books are one such phenomenon.

What transpires in this unique issue of the show should be also thus classified.  Mulder and Skully would balk, Kolchak would blanch, and even the Secret Saturdays would set their sights on Monday and call it a weekend!  This overview of legendary creatures invading our favorite comics is a mystery wrapped in a puzzle placed in a conundrum and sealed in an airtight vault of the unfathomable.  Unravel if you dare....Cryptids and Comics!

Be afraid...be very afraid.   

Also; read, collect, and enjoy comics.