Hey Kids, Comics! #88 - Wedding Bells

“Hey Kids, Comics!” cordially invites you to a very special occasion.

Andrew Farmer and Cole “JediCole” Houston are pleased to announce the marriage of a wide variety of comic book characters to each other.  A reception will be held immediately following each wedding.

Please R.S.V.P.

Welcome to another great episode of Hey Kids, Comics! that is full of significance.  The nuptials of the super-hero community have long been a staple of comic books.  From the high profile ceremony-wrecking slugfests to the quiet joining of man and wife, every possibility has been explored.  Even outrageous dream sequences are not uncommon in this regard.

To celebrate the latest comic book wedding, that of Marvel’s resident anti-hero Deadpool, and to commemorate all the marriages that have come before, a variety of special guests were invited to talk about what happens when love is in the air, proposals are accepted, and the big day arrives at last!  Well, in comics anyway.  So in the company of our loved ones we now pronounce this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! super-man and super-wife!

Guest List:
Jason Adams
Bobby Blakey
Brianna Booker
Rick Gutierrez
Catherine Houston
Colleen Medina
Eddie Medina

The lucky couples are registered at Shreck’s Department Store (Gotham City), Lexmart (Metropolis), and King Kirby’s (East Coast, West Coast, and Great Lakes locations). 

Ceremonies officiated by Doctor Druid
Floral arrangements by Sherwood Florist; Oliver Queen proprietor
Wedding bands by Goldface & Goldbug
Catering by Matter-Eater Lad
Music by the Fiddler, the Hypno Hustler, the Pied Piper, and Mr. Banjo
Vocals by Dazzler