The Rantcor Pit Live #4 - Episode 1 Finds Love

It is time again for The Rantcor Pit Live!  As seen on DeepEllumOnAir every other Sunday (from 11 AM to 12 PM), this is the companion show to the JCU's The Rantcor Pit.  You can always check out the archives here if you missed the live show.

Cole was down in one of his favorite cities, Austin, Texas on Sunday and had to miss out this week.  Eddie Medina brought along his wife Colleen to join the fun in a lively discussion of her favorite of the Star Wars films, The Phantom Menace!  While Episode 1 is a much maligned chapter of the Star Wars saga, it does have its supporters and hardcore fans.

Jantzen adds his own love for the movie to the mix as Eddie and Colleen explore why the launch of the prequel trilogy is not as bad as you might have thought.