Hey Kids, Comics! #94 - Thanks For Nothing, SDCC!

Welcome to a very charged issue of Hey Kids, Comics! that takes a look at the fandom juggernaut that is San Diego Comic Con, most specifically at the myriad exclusives available this year.

Back in the days of The Collector Sector a tradition was begun that continued with this show.  That tradition is blasting the unfortunate and perpetual circumstance that is exclusivity in collectibles.  There have long been exclusive collectibles available from nearly every vendor our there.  From mail-in offers and online exclusives to the sporadic convention exclusive.  However, every year more and more toy and collectibles manufacturers jump on the SDCC Exclusive bandwagon, often doubling or tripling their previous year’s offerings.  This is great news for attendees with a ton of cash at hand, but bad news for the average collector.

While many have given up the hobby as a result, others bide their time and await the best after market deals they can find or just give a resigned sigh and pay the big bucks from scalpers.  The advent of the Comic Con Exclusive as a major market in its own right has created a dichotomy that will be explored in this special issue.  While the exclusive tends to hurt the collector, it also brings collectibles to market that likely would never have existed otherwise. 

Join Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston, along with their special guest Rick Gutierrez of The United States of Geekdom as they vent their annual fanboy wrath on the single biggest offender in exclusive collectibles, San Diego Comic Con!