Hey Kids, Comics #97 - Recommended Reading #2

It is time for a long overdue issue of Hey Kids, Comics!, the second installment of Recommended Reading!

Way back with issue #45, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston shared their thoughts on some comic book titles that they felt you really ought to be reading.  Well time passed and more and more great ideas for new shows came up and they kind of lost track of following up with another such issue.

Now at last your intrepid hosts bring you some new choices, gleaned from their own collections and favorites.  Whittling the list down to a mere five choices was a daunting task to say the least.  As was, it would appear, remembering which issue they were recording!  None the less they managed to bring some pretty remarkable recommendations to the table for your future reading enjoyment.  

Please be sure to write to us at jcumail@yahoo.com to let us know what you thought of these titles and to make recommendations for future installments of this recurring feature.