Hey Kids, Comics! #98 - Wish You Were Here

Join Hey Kids, Comics! and See The World!

Well, several worlds actually.  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston invite you to join them on a tour of the myriad fictional cities, countries, realms, planets, and dimensions that comprise the universes of the comics we all love.

From the gritty streets of Gotham to the oppressive borders of Latveria, from the lush tropical climes of Tamaran to the impossible sentience of Ego.  From the Negative Zone to the Phantom Zone and beyond, there is no shortage of places to visit.  Hey Kids, Comics! will take you on the trip of a lifetime as a great many fantastic locales are touched on from the too-many-to-all-be-included list that begs for another issue devoted to this topic.

Join us as we go around the universes in 60 minutes!