The Rantcor Pit Live #8 - Let the Games Begin!

When the host’s away, the co-host will play.  Games that is!  Or more accurately a game show.  JediCole was still away on vacation on Sunday, July 27 when this episode of the live show was produced, so Eddie Medina and guest host Thomas Branch staged a game show! 

And so it was that The Galactic Games were the order of the day at the Rantcor Pit!  Eddie and Thomas were joined by Eddie's wife Colleen as well as Heather Traylor, Nick Corkill, and Kevin Bowling.  Eddie leads Thomas and their guests in a lively quiz to test their Star Wars knowledge.  Jantzen joins the fun off-camera as the Jedi Holocron!

Who will win the "Galactic War Vet" trophy and a vintage Star Wars comic?  Check it out the video below to answer this question by seeing who answered the most questions correctly.