Hey Kids, Comics! #100 - The Numbers Game

Yes indeed!  It is issue #100 of the show!

To celebrate this milestone, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discuss the importance of numbering to comic books.  Both as an industry and as collectibles, the number is the thing that often drives everything else.  

From how to arrange your collection in long boxes to how to pinpoint the best back issues to what makes for big sales for publishers, the number's the thing!  The good old fashioned numbering of 1 to fill-in-the-blank has often gone astray with publishers seeking gimmicks like countdown numbering, outrageous numbering in advance of the current flow, or even going backward with #0 (this show did it) and even negatives.

Discover the numerical world of comics with this special edition of the show.  No math required, they found someone to do that part for them!