Hey Kids, Comics! #101 - Challenge of the Super-Fails: Astonishing Fails

Comic books.  We love them, we read them, we collect them, we look forward to the next issue.  But sometimes comics fall short.  And other times they fall flat on their faces.  Simply put, they fail.  Be it bad concepts, ill-conceived licensing, terrible art, or atrocious writing, there are so many ways that comics just don’t work to anyone’s satisfaction.

With this tremendous potential for failure in mind, Hey Kids, Comics! explores the tragic tale of Challenge of the Super-Fails

Yes, it really did get THAT bad!
How very often the big two, Marvel and DC, have dropped the ball when it comes to delivering a quality comic book to their adoring fans.  While not the sole offenders, they certainly have the longest history along these lines.  From poor choices to epic fails, the sad saga of bad comics begins here with Astonishing Fails!