Hey Kids, Comics! #105 - Challenge of the Super-Fails: Toy Not Fair

Prepare to be "badded"!  Hey Kids, Comics! has yet again set sail for the Aisle of Misfit Toys!

We live in a truly golden age for collectors when almost any pop culture property is ripe for licensing.  This translates, for comic book fans, into a veritable cornucopia of toys and collectibles based on their favorite titles.  Truly something to celebrate, right?

Weeellllllllll...not always.

Sometimes the best characters (and even the worst) in comics get a less than ideal treatment from toy manufacturers.  The bane of collectors everywhere are the tragic toys that represent what might have been.  And then there are the toys that should never have been!  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston dip into the devil's toy box and make their Wish (It Didn't Exist) List for comic book themed toys!